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I'm a food and culture writer and have worked on essays about food, art, architecture and culture for Vittles, The New Yorker, The Baffler, Eater, Art Review, RA Magazine, Tate etc., The Guardian and more. I've also worked on radio, podcasts and live talks.


I'm currently writing a new book – a cultural history of appetite – but am being regularly derailed by seventeenth century pamphleteers, historical feuds, cookbooks in translation, ice cream and more. If you want to commission me to write or talk about any of these things or topics yet to be imagined, please get in touch. I particularly welcome enquiries about longform, research, curatorial and archival work. You can reach me at:   rubyatandoh at gmail dot com

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Some of my work:

The Unexpected Hero of My Baking Repertoire – The New Yorker

How a Cheese Goes Extinct – The New Yorker

The Studied Carelessness of Great Dessert – The New Yorker

Selling the Seaside – The Baffler

Beyond Gelato – Vittles

The TV Food Man – Vittles

The Cursed Menu of Lina Ghotmeh's Serpentine Pavilion – ArtReview

The Artist Celebrating the Windrush Generation – RA Magazine

Restaurants as Living Rooms – Vittles

I've also written: three cookbooks – Crumb, Flavour and Cook As You Are; one audio cookbook – Breaking Eggs; and a book about the joy of food called Eat Up! 

I accidentally deleted my entire Twitter, which is cute, but I'm on Instagram at:  ruby.tandoh

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