Cook As You Are: the easy-read version

Free to download, print and share!

This is a 10-recipe mini easy-read cookbook, featuring recipes adapted from Cook As You Are. Every recipe has step-by-step photos and simple instructions. This booklet may be useful if you have certain learning disabilities because the easy-read recipes have simple instructions and lots of photos. You might need the help of a friend, family member or carer so that you can cook safely and happily. All of these recipes have been adapted from my cookbook, Cook As You Are.


This easy-read cookbook was originally printed as a physical, spiral-bound book. The physical book is now sold out, but you can download, print and distribute the book for free using the download link below.

Download Cook As You Are: the easy-read version here

COOK AS YOU ARE - easy-read recipe version. This book cover features illustrations of many different people eating and cooking, arranged around the title COOK AS YOU ARE in bright, bold colours. The subtitle reads "10 EASY-READ RECIPES WITH STEP-BY-STEP COLOUR PHOTOS"

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